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by Unknow'n

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This album is all explained in the opening. My main purpose and drive for creating this album is the loneliness I feel daily. While living in solitary confinement, music my day light. Various albums and songs let me know that I am not alone, nor am I extremely abnormal or misplaced. I pray that through my honesty and transparency someone gets the same feeling from my music


released December 30, 2014

Most beats were created by Brandon Haze and Cloud Kel. All Music recorded at Audio Centrix Studios in Greensboro, NC.



all rights reserved


Unknow'n Hayesville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Odom - Unknow'n
I gave up/ i done came down/ nothing like any of those niggas from H-town/ radio stations in my head i can't tune out/
Track Name: Look What You Done Did - Unknow'n
Let's not talk about the past unless we got us a future what's wrong with yo lil' ass/ I'm always making cash, cause if I ain't got none you ain't staying around. Come on hoe I ain't dumb./ and i ain't tryna be the one that you marry. that shit is scary/ 3 cupids and a fairy, is what it takes to heal my heart ache for real/ I'm trying not to feel/ you feel me I put my guard up because you tryna kill me
Track Name: Cocoa Butta Brotha - Unknow'n
The smooth chocolate cocoa butter brotha did I stutter/ moving like I'm undercover/ James Bond type shit, James Brown type spit/ yes I am the soul brotha / Don't believe me ask ya motha/
Track Name: Persistency - Unknow'n
Persistancy, consistency, Persistancy, Consistency, Persistancy, Consistency,Persistancy, Consistency/ Baby I'm stretched thin as a corn tortilla, come on come here/ nothing to fear, glad to call you peer/ shape like a pear, us as a pair/ that be the best idea, know you like yeah/ no no no's, just two positive pro/ don't ever close
Track Name: Believe In Love - Unknow'n
look at all that love shining through her. Looking hot like Cuba or Aruba.
Track Name: Cocoa Butter Baby Oil - Unknow'n
Cocoa butter baby oil, your perfume and my cologne/ bite your neck and make you moan. This type of shit here be turning me on.
Track Name: Shout Out - Unknow'n w/Dorshe'
Shout to the maker, Creator, Soul Savior, Keeping me from Danger/ He gave his life so I could ave mine, He is my light, and together we will shine together we will shine/ Shouts to the greatest. He's the alfa and omega, amazing. He's amazing, baby baby/ He made me then he changed me and he saved me, amazing. He's amazing, baby baby/

(1st verse)
Who you know that'll die for you? Open up your third eye for you/ Whose power is unstoppable? Impossible turns possible/ God made everything Optional.
Track Name: GOOTHRA - Unknow'n
(1st verse)
Me and Magic burning like your girls coochie. Yeah, we fucked up, but I swear it's all gucci. I'm Unknow'n. You ain't never knew me. I make paper. I light loose leaf. I'm out of this world, but I'm in a girl tuesday. That's the only day I came down........

What does that mean? What is weed? What is lean? Who are you? I am M-E // I get freaky. I get geeky. I get dumb. Invite your girls to my world, make them cum. I take my 3rd leg out and we have fun. I make them weak in the knees make them run.
Track Name: Overheads - Unknow'n
I'm way over your head. If looks could kill, I'd leave you and your misses dead. name your mix tape Cedric, cause most of that shit been Ced.....

(chorus) you could catch me flying over the lowest cloud. I be high, but I be down. I be down.
Track Name: Winter Pimps Only - Unknow'n
I'm a pimp by blood. I was made for these hoes. and the sluts as well. Got a story to tell..........

Have you ever had a snowflake melt right in your hand?
Have you ever had a snowflake melt right in your palm?
Have you ever turn that water back to snow again?
This is only for my niggas who can. This for my winter pimps.
Track Name: OMG - Unknow'n w/BHaze
(1st verse) ( BHaze)
This shit just goes so hard I'm the king no bluffing I ain't showing my cards. Fuck wrong with these boys? Don't you niggas know I could be gone with your broad.....

Got them out of control, my God. These girls don't know the meaning of no, my God. When they see the crew they like Oh My God. Make it look easy, lames try so hard.// G's up, you look like you seen a ghost. You need Jesus. When that loud get ghost I'ma need a re-up. In the phantom blowing ghost. Cops never see us.
Track Name: Nocturnal Meditations - Unknow'n
Caring is useless. Sharing is useless. Comparing is useless. What you're is useless, but so am I. This ain't a song. Husband's Husband is wrong. Judgement is wrong. The government's wrong, but so am I. I travel in my mind, cause the world has too many boundaries. I record myself, because I wonder how I'll sound to me about a year from now or 3. Trying to get something out of me, but what's the use? Who knows the truth? What's the secret? Where's the proof?
Track Name: BUT LOVE - Unknow'n
I just want to give you the world. I just want to give you.
I just want to give you the world. I just want to give you.
I just want to give you the world. I just want to give you.
I just want to give you the world. I just want to give you.
And I don't want nothing in return but love, but love, but love
And I don't want nothing in return but love, but love, but love

(1st verse)
my love, my love, Deeper than the ocean.
And I could give it all to you,
But some people don't even want it.
Track Name: WiSH - Unknow'n
I wish I wish I wish that things were no the way they are. I wish that I could be star and fly so far, so far, so far away. You would never ever see me again and you would probably never need me again. Oh Lord I pray for happiness to coexist. Tonight I wish upon a Star.